What to Expect

The guiding principles of our practice are: Prevention, Early Detection, and Ready Response. Our group strives to provide the highest level of primary care by allowing top physicians who have the expertise to address complex medical issues, as well as the time to get to know each patient personally. We believe every patient benefits by having a physician  with the training and experience to  be a “medical quarterback”, coordinate care, anticipate problems, and respond to the first sign of an illness as promptly as possible. Membership in E. Barrow Medical Group includes an annual wellness examination to help guide your prevention efforts.  As a member, in addition to access to your physician at any time, you will have someone to schedule appointments with specialists, help with insurance issues, and communicate directly with pharmacies.


The majority of illnesses can be prevented by a consistently healthy lifestyle. A close relationship with a physician allows easy access and communication and has been shown to enhance a person’s control of his or her health. The annual wellness examination provides us with the most effective tool to measure your state of health and help you improve on it. Inherited risks and harmful past exposures can be compensated for by a healthy lifestyle,  and when they can’t, a physician with the knowledge and time to help anticipate your problems is essential.

Early Detection

Annual Wellness Examination – Executive Physical
The annual wellness exam is included in the membership and is a comprehensive executive physical which is individualized to each person’s needs. We are continually researching the latest developments in preventative medicine, seeking to provide patients with every advantage in anticipating their health issues and monitoring changes, while staying within the logical parameters of scientific method. It is the tool we use to identify and understand each member’s health issues intimately and create a personalized plan for improving and maintaining their health. The examination includes an assessment of key wellness factors, including nutrition, measuring of body composition, hearing and vision testing, cardiopulmonary testing, an extended physician interview, and appropriate laboratory testing. The entire examination usually takes 2.5-3 hours.

Additional Menu of Screening Items
Rather than following a cookie cutter approach, additional testing is tailored to each patient’s risks and preference after discussion with the physician.  Additional tests that can currently be added include: individualized cancer screening, genetic screening, and advanced cardiovascular screening . Depending on the level of membership and each person’s health risks, different imaging studies may be recommended. Scheduling of lab work and testing can be done in advance to facilitate the review of the results with the physician.

Ready Response

Office Visits. There are many illnesses that cannot be anticipated.  At E. Barrow Medical, we offer same day visits with on-site x-ray and lab to allow your physician to evaluate you promptly and initiate treatment early in the course. Beyond the obvious value to earlier treatment, there are many instances in which an expensive and time-consuming trip to the emergency department can be avoided.

24-7 M.D. On Call. The ability to contact a physician whenever you need help is important. E. Barrow Medical Group members have the doctor’s cell phone number for after hours and on weekends, to call at any time of day or night, wherever they happen to be when the problem arises. Whether you are on your way to the emergency department and need to speak to your physician or are half way around the world and need help coordinating care in a foreign country, being able to get in touch with your doctor can make all the difference.

For additional information about the practice, advanced preventative screening tests, contact us at 214-373-3475 or by e-mail.  We recommend a personal interview prior to joining our group to fully understand what we offer.