Welcome to E. Barrow Medical Group. For us, Concierge Medicine is about excellence.

At E. Barrow Medical Group, we restore the caring standards of medicine’s past and continue to advance the excellence promised in its future. The art of medicine hasn’t been lost, but it remains threatened by the changes underway in the healthcare system today. While returning to the style of personal care in medicine’s not too distant past, we take advantage of the latest innovations in technology to provide state of the art care.

Concierge medicine, as it has become known, provides physicians with the time to truly know their patients and treat each member individually.   If you want to emphasize prevention, but still want your physician to be there when you need a doctor most, or if you have complex medical problems that cannot be addressed in an 11-minute visit, or simply don’t have time to navigate through the current medical maze, then this is the type of practice to seek.  When your health is on the line, the physician sitting at your bedside makes all the difference. At E. Barrow Medical Group you can rely on our highly qualified internists to be there throughout.  Call us today and affirm your health for what it is — your most valuable possession.